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Paco strategy

PACO strategy


Innovator of integrated services for Chinese wood products

With the floor as the core, Paco insists on providing residents with green, environmentally-friendly, high-quality, and innovative home wood products, providing one-stop home wood products for commercial customers with better efficiency, higher cost performance and better integration services. The solution is dedicated to the integrated innovation of home wood products and services

Mission|Service quality life

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    Social mission

    To promote the value reconstruction of China's decoration and decoration industry as its mission, to create a lasting value for the society, safe, environmentally friendly and efficient.

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    Customer's mission

    Create high-quality assets that can withstand inspection for commercial customers, and create an environmentally friendly and personalized home living environment for residents.

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    Partner's mission

    Providing partners with a bundled strategic cooperation approach and a reliable approach to benefit distribution, enabling all partners to enjoy the growth dividend from platform development.

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    Employee mission

    Create a career platform for employees, provide a sustainable space, share the market and become a great company's development results.

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    Shareholder's mission

    Create long-lasting, generous and green industrial investment returns for shareholders, and bring greater intangible assets and commercial reputation to shareholders.

The spirit of enterprise

Enterprise spirit

Hony from -

Hony zisheng is a new commentary of PACO on the spirit of women's volleyball
Is the spirit of all PACO employees

Hony--the language of the Analects of Confucius: "The scholars can't be without the glory, and they have a long way to go." The gentleman must be ambitious and strong, because the responsibility is great and the road is far away. “Hongyi” represents the outstanding genes that Paco has worked hard and never give up. The road to development is not destined to be smooth.

It is even more necessary for Paco's moments to be ideal and down-to-earth. In the spirit of courage to explore, persevere, overcome all difficulties, and courageously face the challenges, participate in competition, break through all difficulties and obstacles, and pledge not to end.

Self-winning - the language of the Tao Te Ching: "The winner is powerful, the winner is strong." Those who can overcome others are powerful, and the ones who can overcome themselves are the real strong. "Self-winning" is the concentrated expression of Bai Gao's daring to dare to do and dare to be the first person. The process of strategic upgrading is also self-cultivation,

In the process of defeating the self, Paco should promote innovation with fearlessness, courage and enthusiasm, dare to be unconventional, dare to stand up, constantly challenge me yesterday, and do everything possible to grow.

Paco philosophy

If you dare to dare to do it, don't hesitate to doubt. Be bold and don't evade responsibility

To say it, don't just say no. Teamwork, don't want mountainism

Be fast and efficient, don't delay inefficiency. Be precise, don't shoddy

To gather talents, don't shelter mediocrity. To learn to grow, don’t stand still

For the master spirit, don't work mentally. Believe in the brand, don't be arrogant

To break through innovation, do not think inertia. To create opportunities, don't wait for opportunities

Do your best and don't do your best. Be based on the market, don't be subjective

To be the customer first, don't be self-first. To serve thinking, don't respect me